Leadership in the Movie Thirteen Days

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Movie Review: Thirteen Days

April 20, 2013


The movie Thirteen Days is based off of the real life situation of the Cuban Missile Crisis that occurred back in 1962. The United States learned that the Soviet Union was placing missiles with nuclear weapons in Cuba. The movie follows President John F. Kennedy and his advisors as they are trying to come up with a plan of action for how to handle the situation.

The missiles are positioned to be close enough to hit almost any city in the United States and capable of killing nearly every citizen. The Joint Chiefs of Staff advise immediate U.S. military strikes against the missile sites followed by an invasion of Cuba. The President is reluctant to attack because he fears it will cause the Soviets to invade Berlin.

The President and his staff work to find a solution that will remove the missiles but avoid an act of war. They decide to do what is considered as a step less than a blockade, which is formally regarded as an act of war. They have the U.S. Navy stopping all ships entering Cuban waters and inspect them to make sure they are not carrying weapons. This leads to a Soviet emissary to offer to remove the missiles in exchange for public assurance from the States that it will never invade Cuba. A second message is received that the Soviets want the U.S. to remove its missiles from Turkey and Italy. The President agrees in exchange for the removal of missiles from Cuba.

Leadership Examples

There are many qualities of a good leader. These include:
1. Listening skills
2. Honesty
3. Commitment
4. Intuition
5. Ability to Inspire
These examples were shown in many different characters from the movie Thirteen Days, and I will list a few.

President Kennedy is the leader of the United States. Some would say that he would be considered one of the top leaders of the world in this position. He has many qualities that makes him a good leader. He is a good listener. He has...
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