Leadership in Real Life

Topics: Anxiety, Stations of the Cross, The Station nightclub fire Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: February 11, 2013
I am the Chief Executive Sheriff of a mid sized town police station. I have recently received vital output statistics which show that the station is performing poorly in terms of service quality (not enough routine patrol, delay in answers to calls and complaints) and productivity (low turnover in investigation of crimes, searches for evidence, questions of suspects and witnesses). Below are the main points of my presentation to the stations’ “board of directors”.

“Chair’s Report”:
Present the history of the police station emphasizing on the brilliant results we have come up with so far. Talk about how we have all worked hard in our station and have contributed to its growth and transformation throughout the years from a small 5 employee station to a 100 skilled-men-well respected station. Set our goal from now on: to transform this great station to an outstanding station. Set a dream - In 2 years from now I see our station being the number one station in the country by achieving great results in all areas from investigation of crimes to traffic control. Analyze charts showing the poor performance in terms of quality and productivity in comparison to previous years and other police stations. Stress that there are some other areas where our station has excelled but we need to work together to “fix” the “aching” areas. Show that I am inspired and driven to develop a more effective and productive station altering the procedures and staffing in a number of ways. Tell the story of the station’s downfall 10 years ago and how I led it from zero to top by forming productive projects. Tell them I was not believed at first, I was a newcomer, but I won them over when they started seeing the positive results on our city. Stress that I have done it before and I will do it again now with their help and devotion. I have identified the obstacles and have scheduled some tasks that can help us overcome them and become outstanding. Divide the tasks and explain the...
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