Leadership in Organized Chaos

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Motivating Employees for the Long Run

Edwin R. Cruz Rodriguez

LDR 531

November 7, 2012

Prof. Carlos Moll-Cruz

Leadership in Organized Chaos

It is easy to be “called” a leader during stable and routine times. He who wants to deserve the title needs to be able to help his organization manage and overcome changes such as expansion or restructuring. I am in the best position that suits me for my organization at this time. Commanding a “junior” Engineer Battalion, which personnel strength is below the required operational strength; however, that is gaining personnel in a good rate to be functional in short time, requires a leader that can keep up with the evolution. In this environment, with a complete range of functional areas to cover, I rely on a situational leadership style that has served my organization, in my humble opinion, as the best to be applied at this time. As such leadership style, adapting to the situation at hand is made easier and helps work out in an environment where the needs on each area varies as much as the capabilities at hand.

To begin describing a situational leadership style as mine, it is one I consider adaptive to the scenario and based on it. In my line of work leadership is a requirement for a large number of positions and a need to continue growing in the organization. This means that either you are leading all the time or following some time, but all are required to understand, know, and grow as leaders. This is probably one of the main reasons I use a situational leadership style. Working with a small number of individuals, with a single focus, vision, and end state, a routine could be required. Trying not only to work with those individuals but making an approach to help develop them as professionals, leaders, soldiers and in a way, as better citizens and persons, works better if you have the capability to use a variable style and adjust. It is said that a person doesn’t change, which is normally...
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