Leadership in Organization Pros and Cons

Topics: Leadership, Management, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 13 (4178 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Literature Review
1.0. Introduction Problem Statement
2.0. The Nature of Leadership and Job Stress
3.1. Leadership Style
3.2. Personality Characteristics
3.3. Empirical Studies
3.4. Job Stress.
3.0. The effects of leadership style on stress outcomes. Transactional versus Transformational Leadership. 4.5. Transactional Leadership.
4.6. Transformational Leadership.
4.7. Evaluation transformational and transactional leadership styles and their influence on individuals’ performance on a stressful task. 4.0. Conclusion
5.0. References

1.0 Introduction Problem Statement
The leader’s leadership styles play a very important role in achieving goals of the organization. The leader’s ability to adapt to internal and external environment changes and working with followers together is the key to success. Moreover, I should mention that many causal modeling revealed that leadership style has a direct, rather than indirect, effect on task performance. Highly complex and stress-laden workplaces present challenges to organizational leaders as they are faced with the task of managing the workforce while concurrently maintaining commitment and morale. Leaders can often be in the middle source of stress among employees in the workplace (Basch & Fisher, 2000; Sosik & Godshalk, 2000). As the distinctiveness of work changes, so must change the roles and tactics of all leaders. The Leader promote supportive relationships, elicit motivation along with assistants/followers, make possible more positive and less negative emotions along with assistants, and stimulate more kind evaluations of stressful tasks among assistants may be more effective than the more conventional leaders who usually tend toward task-directive methods. These leadership elements based on relation, motivation, and emotion are customary with transformational leadership styles (Bass, 1998; Yukl, 1998). Despite a considerable body of literature suggests that leaders based on transformational are effective, there is a small number of experimental research that has discovered how transformational leaders may impact subordinates/followers during stressful business deals. Taking into above mentioned I am to deal with transformational and transactional leadership styles their influence on different subordinate including emotional and motivational experiences. The effects of leadership style based on stressful task performance were examined (by Joseph B.Lyons, Tamara R.Schneider 2009) as potential mediators, further.

2.0 The Nature of Leadership and Job Stress

2.1 Leadership Style

In the field of organizational behavior the leadership is really an important subject. Leadership is one with the most dynamic effects during individual and organizational interaction. In other words, whether a management is able to execute “collaborated effort” depends on leadership capability. The excellent leader is not only inspires follower’s potential to improve efficiency and also meet their requirements in the process of achieving organizational goals. According to Stogdill (1957) leadership as the individual behavior to guide a group to achieve the common target. In latter days, Richards & Engle (1986) defined leadership as about establishment of vision, value and creation of environment so that the objective can be accomplished. Definitions on leadership defined by selected authors were summarized into table 1. Year| Author| Definition of Leadership|

1957| Hemphill & Coons | Leadership is the individual behavior to guide a group to achieve the common target. | 1957| Stogdill| Leadership is an influential activity to others or organization to achieve the target set by the leader. | 1969| Bowers | Leadership is an activity process of interpersonal relationship; other’s behavior is...
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