Leadership in Organisation

Topics: Gender, Leadership, Management Pages: 6 (2078 words) Published: October 28, 2012

Do you think, “Women have to demonstrate male characteristics in Order to “succeed” as leaders and must set aside feminine qualities‟? Make use of the class reading by Höpfl and Matilal (2007) and draw on a range of perspectives and debates to support your answer.

What is a good female leadership? Is it when women start displaying male qualities? Or is it when women are allowed to be themselves regardless if they decide to adopt male qualities or not. How do we define male qualities and female qualities? Who are we to say that someone has male quality or female quality? What do women and men recognize as qualities and behaviours of leadership? Where do we draw the line? This essay will mainly focus on whether I think women have to overturn their feminine qualities and acquire male characteristics to succeed as leaders. This essay will critically evaluate what women need to do to succeed and them succeeding all depends on the definition of success. I will critically evaluate what success means and the objectives women need to take in order to be known as successful leaders. This essay will argue to support the notion that women should demonstrate male characteristics to succeed and it would also argue in opposition to them taking male characteristics.

Due to the early years of recession and globalization in the 1990’s, a lot of people became unemployed, jobs were lost and this led to fewer people doing more work and feeling more jobs insecure. “The number of women in the workplace continued to expand, pushing, but certainly not shattering the glass ceiling further upward”. The 1985 Labour office showing the proportion of women in the labour force showed a distinct increase by 7% in the number of women employed in the labour force between 1985 and 1995 although the number of women in management in these countries varied basically because they had different national differences in culture. This difference also varied because they all had different definition for the term “manager”. Even with this difference, it was still known that there was significant increase in the number of women in management.

In many countries, women have been known to be more highly educated than men. Women have been characterized as lacking in aspirations for success in comparison with men because they are more likely to put themselves forward for promotion. (White et al. 1992). So therefore what do women need to do to succeed in leadership? Is there need for women to acquire male characteristics? It has been suggested that men’s greater competitiveness and a macho style are necessary to get to the top but women on the hand have bee regarded as less suitable workers and especially managers, precisely because they lack male qualities. (Marshall, 1995; Morgan, 1998 ). So basically is male qualities what women are lacking to become successful leaders? The term Success can be defined in a number of ways; an individual’s success can be generated from a number of ways. It can be defined by determining your priorities, your priority will basically place what context success is being used; developing your problem solving strategy and deciding on your philosophy. A successful leader is not just about the results but also about the person, it’s about the individuals capability, character and motivations. These qualities are what drive the company to successful outcomes. I was reading some words of wisdom online from the American author and motivational speaker Hilary Hinton “Zig” Ziglar when I came across his saying on being successful; he said “ I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can't truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles” With this theory it came to my head that women with family responsibility preferred flexible workforce, they are able to...
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