Leadership in Ece

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Define leadership
Leadership is defined within this essay as the ‘ability to influence others within an organisation to voluntarily make day-to-day decisions that to the organisations short and long term growth’. IVEY

What is effective ECE leadership
Leadership in early childhood education can have many styles. No two educational settings will use the same leadership style, as effective leadership is adapted to suit different settings and contexts. Effective leadership is created when leaders understand the community they work within. In early childhood settings, it is important to understand that the setting is made from a community of learners. In early childhood environments, leadership may be held by all educators in the setting, to varying degrees. It is the belief that all early childhood practioners can be leaders when empowered and educated to understand and work collaboratively with others to incite change. In these settings, educator’s work collaboratively with each other, rather than one educator dominantly. One situation may empower one educator to influence and share their vision, though they may be classified as a follower in a vision they are less passionate about. For instance, an educator may lead others about a worm farm they believe will enhance that educational centre, though be less passionate and follow another educator’s idea around saving water. It is the belief that when someone is passionate about an issue, that will take the lead and share their vision with others, gaining support and working collaboratively towards a shared goal. By having a collaboration of leaders, new ideas and ways of thinking can be generated, ensuring that the most is achieved in a setting.


A transformational leadership style lends credence to the belief that most early childhood practioners work collaboratively with others towards a joint goal....
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