Leadership in Complex Environment

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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A day in the life Alex Sander:

Driving in the fast Lane at Landon Care Products

Alex, as almost every fresh starter at his/her career, is fast, energetic and output oriented employee. The performance review by his supervisors, peers and subordinates shows that he is task oriented, committed, multi-tasking, and assertive colleague. These are the qualities which every employer wants to see in his/her subordinates.

Alex does contain some traits necessary for effective leadership which are namely, active, energy, work related expertise. However, the style of management he has adopted lacks the “working through others” element which is also the critical component of an effective leadership. When he shouts at his subordinate telling him/her either to get the task done or leave it to him, it proves his task principled approach. But at the same time seems not to be in favor of the human related aspect of the management.

Although there is not any empirical evidence singling out a one style of the leadership to the best, whenever we shift toward the leadership form the traditional management-led approach, we will need to recognize the importance of managing human resources. The basic concept underlying the formation of the organization, is achieving the organizational objective of through the group of people part of the organization. “Getting the people” doesn’t imply force, coercion or any other formula to be operated on to get the task done. This is the only difference which gives a unique place to the human capital among other resources.

One of the other aspects of Alex’s management revealed by the feedback of his peers and colleagues is that he shares the credit with the team though he is believed to be seeking the lion’s share for himself. This is in contradiction to the team oriented approach which is also termed as subordinated-centered leadership. This is actually behavior of a leader which involves the real thrust of team work and greater trust...
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