Leadership Improvement Plan

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  • Published: May 6, 2005
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The Leadership Improvement Plan is an excellent tool to utilize as a self-assessment plan for the manager of the future. An individual can assess or evaluate his or her strengths and deficiencies that would aid him or her in transforming themselves into the ideal manager in the future. In completing the self-assessments provided with the book, I ensured that I completed all of them so that I could receive a well-rounded analysis of my personality and my leadership potential. I took the liberty of approaching the Leadership Improvement Plan as I would a SWOT analysis of my organization. I ensured that I employed Porter's SWOT analysis to every aspect of my assessment. Typically, SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A key to an effective SWOT analysis involves being realistic about your company's strengths and weaknesses, analysis should distinguish between where your organization is today, and where it could be in the future. I avoided grey areas, always analyzed my current status in relation to my ideal vision of a manager in the pharmaceutical industry i.e. better than or worse than the ideal. I attempted to keep the analysis short and simple and ensured that the Leadership Improvement Process just like the SWOT process should avoid complexity and over analysis and that it is subjective.

In the future, I aspire to be in a leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry that actively enhances and promotes quality and compliance while ensuring that business objectives are met and exceeded. Some of the qualities required to be successful in this position are ethical decision making, ability to handle multiple projects at once, coping with change and adversity. Some of the weaknesses I have viewed in my managers are not being emotionally receptive, indecisiveness burnout and miscommunication in their directives and initiatives.


In the assessment entitled, 'Am I a Type A?' the degree to which an individual is...
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