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Topics: Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent, Istanbul Pages: 4 (1545 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Suleiman the First, was the 10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, who first came to a leadership position as a prince at the age of 17 as a governor. Suleiman was well known throughout Europe and the Ottoman empire as “Suleiman the Magnificent” as well as “Suleiman the Lawgiver” for all the accomplishments he achieved as sultan. In Ottoman Empire, all people are considered slaves beneath the sultan, not in a derogative way as one nowadays would think but in a cultural and religious aspect. Lybyer (1913) says this of the slaves of the Ottoman Empire “Moslem masters, in constant personal association with persons whose condition led them to strive to please, were apt to become very friendly toward them. Such friendliness often led to warm affection and bestowal of benefits. Emancipation was one of these; and, further, not only the but many of his subjects did not hesitate to give their daughters in marriage to worthy slaves.”(p. 60). Now this is just the general attitude towards slaves, with slaves having the chance to become emancipated. The case is a little bit different in Suleiman’s terms as he was of royal decent nor a prisoner of war. The idea behind this though is that although all born into the empire are emancipated, they are still slaves beneath the sultan with Ottoman rights. This is what Suleiman was born into under Sultan Selim the First, born to a slave mother, thus making him a slave until he succeeded to the throne. In time he became governor over Fedosiya and later in Manisa. During this period he was in the transactional leadership position with legitimate power, because he was brought up with great education and special privileges being a member of the royal family and learning what it took to make things succeed. He gets the transactional leadership edge because these were his first real duties and he knew what needed to be done for these cities to flourish but was not quite settled in enough yet to use transformational leadership to let...
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