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Women In Management Review
Emerald Article: Gender role, decision style and leadership style Daewoo Park

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In their 1987 review of the field of organizational behaviour, House and Singh[1] put much emphasis on the importance of leadership and decision making in organizational study. Heller[2] and Janis[3] also emphasized

an integration between two normally disparate topics in our attempts to understand micro- and macro-organizational issues.
Other researchers have continued their
attempts to explain better the nature of leadership and/or decision making as well as their relationships with other factors. Studies on
the relationship between gender role and
leadership style, or between decision style and
leadership style have reflected this trend[413].
Leader behaviour (i.e. leadership style) is
often conceptualized as consisting of two
independent dimensions: initiating structure
and consideration[14,15]; task behaviour and
relationship behaviour[16]; concern for production and concern for people[17]. According to Hersey and Blanchard[17], two dimensions of leader behaviour are defined as follows: task dimension includes goal setting, organizing, setting time lines, directing and

controlling. By contrast, the relationship
dimension includes giving support, communicating, facilitating interactions, active listening and providing feedback. In recent years, gender role (i.e. sex-role
identity) has been studied by many
researchers[6,18-20]. According to Bem[18],
the two dimensions of gender role are defined
as follows. Masculinity includes being aggressive, independent, objective, logical, rational, analytical and...
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