Leadership from Ramayana

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  • Published : September 28, 2009
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I appreciate my team members, who put forth the qualities of leaders in its various forms. Furthering their vision I would like to contribute from my end the qualities of a leader as evident from the Hindu mythology “RAMAYANA”. The Ramayana is a classic example of an ideal leadership and is filled with various events which may be described as example of a good leader. As we all are aware that a good leader delegate his power and ask the subordinates to present their opinion without any force or coercion. “RAMAYANA” gives an appropriate example of this quality of “RAM”. RAMA was an excellent motivator as is evident from the fact that he motivated the army of disarrayed monkeys and bears against the formidable might of RAVANA. He persuaded them for a betel which everyone would have backed out otherwise. RAMA was well known about his army that what are their want and needs, same as a good leader knows that what is the want and the need of his co-worker or the subordinates. And RAMA as being a good always tries to fulfill those wants or the needs in order to increase the potential of his army for the achievement of the goal efficiently. As a good leader RAMA always motivate his army and also believe in them that they can do the assigned work. RAMA never discourages his army that they are less efficient than the army of RAVANA; he always told them that they can take a victory on them. RAMA was not involved in any of the favoritism act. Nobody is most favorite for him, all are equal for him .he evaluate all of his subordinates as on the equal level. This shows a good leadership quality of RAMA of evaluating everybody on equal basis. We can say that ram was a good leader because he took the feedback from his subordinates regularly and go through it and then takes the necessary action to overcome from the difficulty which came in the way of doing the work for achieving the goal. For taking the private feedback...
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