Leadership Experience Analysis

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Leadership Experience Analysis
The assignment for this week is to address the statement “Young public leaders are usually less effective because they have so little experience.” This is a statement that is geared towards an individual’s opinion and taking a stand on whether or not he or she is in agreement or disagreement with this statement. This is a statement that takes research and independent beliefs. My personal position on the statement is that I agree with it. I will outline my reasons for agreeing with the statement and give examples why I stand behind my decision.

I believe that young public leaders are less effective because they don’t have enough experience or no experience at all because a public leader should have gone through certain life experiences such as being able to lead a group of people and inspire people to want to follow their lead. This comes with experience and proper training. Young public leaders do not have the experience to be versatile and make tough decisions regarding issues that are going on in the world today such as economic issues, national and or state security issues, and community issues. One thing young public leaders have not had enough of is time to build on their people skills and understanding the different cultures there are to deal with. A lot of the young public leaders are fresh out of school and they don’t have enough experience along with sufficient training. In the public sphere The Guardian, there was a survey taken that showed 1,515 managers believed that their line managers were ineffective at performing their jobs. The managers believed this to be scary when the line managers were going to be in charge of highly technical projects and budgets. The managers learned that the senior managers would have to attend and take leadership classes to make sure that he or she had the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to proceed with developing projects and budgets. The company believes that this is a good...
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