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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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I was a shame boy, coward, nerd and always being bullied by my mates when I was in elementary school. In middle school, I insisted myself to involve in OSIS in order to reduce those my bad characters. The more experience I got in OSIS, the more courage I have and a I decided to became the candidate of OSIS Chairman. Then, i won the election and this ‘incident’ totally changed my whole life. Since that day, I felt in love with these things: Management, Leadership and Organization and I am not a coward and nerd anymore. But, unfortunately, I didn’t achieve any strategic position in secondary school OSIS. I just spend my time to learn more about management and organizational skill from book, seminar, and video. Entering campus life, I had a plan to sharpen and apply leadership theory I’ve got from book. I want to be a Chairman of HMTF (Engineering Physics Student Union) in third year and President of ITS Student Union in fourth year. This plan really shocked my parents. Just because I’m Christian and non-Java, they thought that it will be very hard for me to be accepted as a leader of majority student in ITS. But I thought, what’s wrong with such a background? I’ll prove that I can approach it.

First year, I was chosen by all new students of engineering physics to become their captain. Second year, I became staff of HMTF and proved my ability in management. In that time, I also met and made friends with all students of engineering physics from all class year, from freshman level to senior level. I made many connections and I know that this connection will be useful in the future. My prediction was true. In third year, I won the chairman’s election. I won by a margin of 3 votes. SARA’s issues that attacked me didn’t make me flinch. I knew that this thing will come and I’m ready to face it.

I have to lead different people in my organizations. My cabinet are consists of students with various economic background, religion, ethnic and culture. So, in order to...
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