Leadership Ethics Plan for Mcdonalds Corporation

Topics: Theft, Employment, Leadership Pages: 18 (6683 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Executive Summary

McDonald’s is the leading foodservice retailer across the globe. They have a presence in 119 countries with over 34,000 restaurants that serve close to 69 million people everyday. Each store, however, is individually franchised to one person who is in charge of operating the store under license. I worked at one particular franchise in Prior Lake, MN where a great amount of employee theft was taking place. Those who were stealing were not well off, so managers and coworkers who were aware of the theft turned a blind eye out of pity. These thefts occurred on a daily basis and were surely affecting the store’s gross profit. In addition to this, employee morale was low. Many staff members within the franchise were very hard working and dedicated, but were never rewarded for their efforts. From this, employees justified their stealing because their respect for the company had diminished. The franchise was in need of action in order to prevent the theft from continuing. While considering the individual, organizational, and environmental causes, I explain why the vision and values as well as measurement and rewards methods are most suitable methods in dealing with this issue.

Table of Contents

I. Situational Analysis----------------------------------------------------------4 1.1 Phenomena--------------------------------------------------------------- 4 1.2 The Key Ethics Program------------------------------------------------5 1.3 Variables------------------------------------------------------------------8

II. Diagnosis----------------------------------------------------------------------9 2.1 Individual Causes--------------------------------------------------------9 2.2 Organizational Causes---------------------------------------------------9 2.3 Environmental Causes--------------------------------------------------10

III. Ethics Leadership Change--------------------------------------------------10 3.1 Ethics Vision/Objectives-----------------------------------------------10 3.2 Tone-----------------------------------------------------------------------11 3.3 Ethics Leadership Approach-------------------------------------------12

a. Vision/Values------------------------------------------------------12
b. Dialogic, Participative, and Servant----------------------------13
c. Networking and Measurement-Reward------------------------13
d. Ethics Codes and Whistle Blowing-----------------------------16
e. Charismatic and Story-Telling----------------------------------16
f. Positive Leadership-----------------------------------------------17
g. Alternative Institution Building---------------------------------17
3.4 Tactics/Techniques------------------------------------------------------17
3.5 Transcript-----------------------------------------------------------------19
3.6 Contingency Plan-------------------------------------------------------20

IV. Reflection and Transformation--------------------------------------------21


Exhibit 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------24

Exhibit 2------------------------------------------------------------------------------25

I. Situational Analysis
1.1. The Phenomena of the Situation
As a sixteen year old, I was looking for a way to make some extra money. I had tried a few retail stores and various restaurants in my area, but had trouble finding places that were hiring. One day, a friend suggested to me that I should try McDonalds because “anyone can get a job there.” This was probably a true statement because most people who have the option to work anywhere else would not choose to work at McDonalds. Most of their work staff members are minorities who are not generally very well off, so I did not think I would mesh well with this type of staff. Despite my...
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