Leadership Essay

Topics: Performance, The Band, Rehearsal Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: October 30, 2010
To be clarinet section leader, it would be a privilege, no, an honor. Being the student leader would be an accomplishment for me. A section leader must stay on top of everything in their section. So if I become clarinet section leader, this will help me be a role model for the incoming freshmen clarinetist. My vision for next year would make sure that everyone in the clarinet section is on time to rehearsals and performances. To make sure that everyone stands on top of what they are supposed to practice. If some of the clarinetists are going to miss a rehearsal or a performance, to call or tell me or Mr. James before hand. And, most of all, I will make sure that everyone respects each other like brother and sister. At rehearsals, I will make sure that everyone stays focus, everyone is at the rehearsals, and I will make sure I am there on time, focused, and ready for the night of rehearsal. At performances, I will stay focus, calm, relaxed, and look like I want first place. Be respectful to the other bands, make sure the clarinet section has everything they need. Then I will take care of my stuff after I check the clarinet section. In the stands, I will make sure that everyone stays quiet for the current performing marching band. Also ask the clarinet section to pick their trash before we leave the stands. Leave the stands how they were when we got there. The character qualities I possess are trustworthy, loyalty, honor, gratitude, perseverance, responsibility, and respect. These qualities will benefit the band program by the other band members seeing their clarinet section leader using all these characteristic qualities, they start thinking about these traits and are probably going to use these traits. I’ll motivate the clarinet section by telling them that the judges are going to see and hear mistakes but we can achieve our true potential to overcome those mistakes for the next competition. Don’t just give 100%, but give the performance everything you...
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