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October 16, 2012

In the work force that we are in today, the types of leaders one encounters can vary in several different ways. At some point in everyone’s life they will most likely have the experience to have a good relationship or a not as great relationship with a leader. I have had several different jobs and have experienced both situations with leaders. One of my first experiences was with a leader who I had a low quality relationship. It could be very hard to work for her at times because I was not always excited to do things for her. I did not talk to her a lot because it was unpredictable what kind of response I would get. She lacked a lot of the leadership qualities but it was her business so she was the boss. The only time she would say anything about the job I was doing was when it was something I was doing wrong. It was fine that she inform me what I need to fix but it was always in a harsh manner and usually in front of the whole office. She had her favorite employee that she had do most of her dirty work for her. That employee also almost never did anything wrong. It was a difficult experience for me as well as the favorite employee. That employee that is being told to inform me of what I was doing wrong was my coworker. It was really awkward to have that kind of information come from a coworker.

My next experience with a leader was a high quality relationship. I found it very easy to work for him and to strive to go over and beyond what he needed me to do. I was working in a small office so he pretty much had the same kind of relationship with everyone. We were more like friends than coworkers. He would reward good and hard work with different thing as simple as getting off work early on a Friday or a holiday weekend or coming in late because I stayed late at work the day before. If I had a problem with anything in the office I could always get it resolved fairly easily and quickly. He also would ask about my...
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