Leadership Development Plan

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Individual Leadership Development Plan

What is my current State?
What are my strengths?
* Strengths
1. Peer Relationships
2. Willingness to take on new responsibility

What are my weaknesses?
* Weaknesses
1. Lack of confidence when it comes to written communication
2. Not assertive enough

What are the common feedbacks that I received from others?
* Feedback
1. Not assertive enough when it comes to conflict
2. Very passive when issues come up
3. Written communication can be very confusing at time
4. Communications and understands co-workers
5. Take the initiative on new projects that come up
6. Opens up and communications well with manager

What other performance indicators can I notice?
* Performance Indicators
1. Sometime gets overwhelmed with stress
2. Heavy workloads tend to cause stress

* Focus area priorities
1. Develop more confidence when it comes to my written communication
2. Develop more self confidence and courage
3. Stop being so passive in difficult situations

What is my desired state?
What do I hope to improve/achieve?
* Desired state
1. Able to talk and act confidently regardless of what the situation or who I'm talking to. Not afraid to voice out my ideas and opinion and willing to try new things and take some risk. Always look for new opportunities rather than walking the common path. Able to influence others and decisions made because I show great confidence. 2. Able to be assertive and take control of situations. Able to press hard for my recommendations, ideas, and decisions. To proactively take the lead in as many situations as possible. Not be passive is difficult situations no matter who is in the room. 3. Able to write with confidence regardless who will be reading my written communication. Able to write without fear of what others think. Develop a good business writing technique.

Why do I want to achieve that? What does it...
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