Leadership Development Plan

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 5 (1458 words) Published: November 12, 2012

Leadership Development Plan

Marcus N.T. Smith

University of Phoenix

LDR 711- Leadership Theory and Practice

Dr. Jane Armstrong

One of the most important aspects of leadership is self-knowledge and particularly awareness of your priorities and values. As a leader it is imperative to improve your leadership ability on an everyday basis. Great leaders have great strategic dreams, visions of what could be and what they think should be. In this paper I will be discussing my plan and the theories that support my plan. I will also be discussing my leadership strengths and weaknesses and how I will capitalize on my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. I will focus on the type of leader I am now and the steps that I will need to become the leader I want to be in the future. I will give a detailed time line and process that I will use to further the progress of my leadership skills and abilities. I will also discuss how I will use my leadership development plan to influence every aspect of the leadership process and finally I will assess and modify my plan to ensure I stay on track.

I believe everyone has a different way of leading and the leadership style depends on the type of personality and what is more comfortable. I prefer the situational leadership theory. Chen states (2005), in Situational Leadership Theory, leadership effectiveness is thought to be enhanced if a manager uses the style of leadership that best matches the readiness, ability and willingness of subordinates and that a good match between leadership style and subordinate readiness leads to a higher level of subordinate satisfaction and performance. I believe that situational leadership is based on the subordinates skill level and abilities. In my self-assessment “what’s my leadership style” I scored an eight for concern for people and 10 for concern for tasks. The analysis and interpretation states that the best leaders are ones that can balance their task/people orientation to various situations. A high score on both would indicate this balance. There are other self-assessments that I have taken to assess my leadership ability, such as “How Charismatic Am I” which I scored 19 on management of self, “How Good Am I at Building and Leading a Team” which I scored 84, “How Power-Oriented Am I” which I scored 13, “What’s My Preferred Type of Power” which my highest score 4.7 was in expert and legitimate, “What’s My Preferred Conflict-Handling Style” which my highest score 18 was in compromising and “What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score” which I scored 45. All of these self-assessments gave me insight into what my strengths and weaknesses are and what I needed to improve in order expand my leadership skills and abilities.

Situational leadership is the style I use to lead my staff. My major leadership strengths are being adaptable, motivating others, and my emotional intelligence. My weaknesses are not being more empathetic to one’s needs or situation. Future leaders must understand themselves. Self-awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses and knowing one’s values and principles is essential to ethical leadership (Nahavandi, 2006). Leaders cannot achieve their full potential unless they know who they are and what they stand for. They cannot lead others unless they know themselves where they are going (Nahavandi, 2006). I will capitalize on my strengths by continuing to educate myself, keeping up-to-date on new leadership techniques and also to keep motivating my subordinates to improve their skills. I will improve my weaknesses by continually educating myself and learning from those stronger in my areas of need. According to Yukl (2006), leadership competencies can be developed in a number of ways, including (1) formal training, (2) developmental activities, and (3) self-help...
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