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Topics: Leadership, Management, Ethical leadership Pages: 4 (958 words) Published: August 25, 2008
Power, control, speed, accuracy; infantry and
aviation, each one is an example of powerful productive tools that the Marine Corps utilizes on a daily bases. Each one by themselves are effective elements. However, with proper
instruction and balance they become twice as effective when used together. An equal statement can be said about Authoritative and Delegative styles of leadership. They both provide us with ways in which to lead our Marines. Nonetheless, each one has many flaws that require a significant amount of effort to function properly. Effort that could be more useful in accomplishing the mission at hand. This is why, a proper balance of the two

leadership styles is the most effective way for mission
accomplishment and more importantly, lead our Marines.

If a leader rules with an iron fist, he puts the majority
of his effort in his grasp. Eventually, a hold will slip or lose strength and when that happens. There is nothing to maintain control. In the Autocratic style, the leader makes decisions without consulting with others. Due to our trained aggressive nature, as warriors, several unit leaders have chosen this style of leadership. It has been found that this method of leadership causes the most level of discontent. It is simply a “It’s my way or the highway”, as my former platoon sergeant once said to me. Staff Sergeant Rockemore, viewed that if his Marines feared him they would do anything and everything he called upon. This

process led to several Marines choosing to leave the ranks of the Marine Corps. This process stifles our Marines to grow and present better ways of accomplishing the mission. As a result, these Marines choose to depart the Marine Corps.

I would recommend, to any unit leader to do everything they could, to limit this type of mind set. In many ways, our
subordinates will obey orders out of fear. The leader in such cases is using push methods that will work only as long as...
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