Leadership Challenge: Using Sources of Power Ethically

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Leadership Challenge: Using Sources of Power Ethically

The misuse of power is constantly revealed in the business environment by the actions and characteristics of executives, leaders, supervisors, and managers. In reiterating the definition of power is having the know-how, to influence others to do something that they wouldn’t normally do (Lussier, 2008). The tactics that leadership uses are categorized into nine influential tactics: Rational Persuasion

Inspirational appeal
Personal Appeal
Most of which are likely used by leadership (Katzenstein, n.d. ).

List and explain the sources of power that the CEO of a large company typically has at her disposal. The source of power in business a CEO has is Expert, Referent, and Legitimate Power. C.E.O. is defined as Chief Executive Officer; the CEO is known to have the great power of delegation (Ellis-Christensen, 2012). There are many definitions of expert power and one definition is “Expert Power is stated as resting on the belief of employees that an individual has a particularly high level of knowledge or highly specialized skill set. Managers may be accorded authority based on the perception of their greater knowledge of the tasks at hand than their employees” (Turner, 2012). Referent Power is the use of personal power (ones’ attractiveness, respect, loyalty, and worthiness) to influence others to do your request. Referent power is like a role-model type of power, it uses your adoration from others toward influencing them to do something (Thomas, 2002). Legitimate Power is used from a person position and/or title. Legitimate power in is used to demand the others, regardless of their commitment or cooperation. This type of power tends to place distrust in the leaders capabilities in operating a business. Therefore, it is actually the title/position of a person rather than the person itself that carries this...
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