Leadership-Born or Made.

Topics: Leadership, Skill, Management Pages: 3 (776 words) Published: September 3, 2008
“Leaders are born then, not made.” Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Can all managers go on to be leaders? Explain

For ages, attempts have been made by many psychologists, scholars at demystifying the quality known as leadership. Even then, there is not been single clear answer to the question if leaders are born or made. ( zenger 2002) We disagree with the concept that leaders are born, based on our literature review. It depends less on the traits a person is born with and more on what skills that person learns. There have been many instances, where highly knowledgeable, educated and motivated people have lacked the skill to lead others. Therefore they don’t do very well in the leadership positions. They along with others, assume that these individuals just weren’t born leaders, which is completely wrong .They failed to be a leader because they didn’t persevere long enough and they didn’t learn from their failures. The debate of leadership through nature versus nurture has been a long standing debate. While the genes certainly has its influences on us, but nurture determines the impact of a gene.(clark 1997) For instance , a person may have a charismatic nature .This nature alone will not go on to make him a leader. There are certain skills which when learned, with the inborn ability can make a good leader. To understand this we need to first dwell upon the skills and characteristics that constitute leadership. By definition, a leader is one who goes ahead and guides others and shows the way. Followers should be there, if someone is to be called a leader. These followers are attached to their leaders for any number of reasons, and they can have a greater or lesser degree of influence over their leaders, but without at least one follower, directs or indirect a person is not a leader. A leader excites camaraderie and promotes unity, and guides vague notions in to concrete actions. (Plachy 1978 )It is not enough...
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