Leadership Behaviors and Employees’ Perception

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Leadership Behaviors and Employees’ Perception


The basis of this literature review is to assess how leadership behavior is perceived by employees and to examine the effect of leadership behavior on employees’ perceived job satisfaction. Other purposes were to explore the different leadership styles and the impact on employees’ perception and behavior as well as job satisfaction. The literature review will also explore how leadership behavior impact employees’ performance. The findings will examine variables that may affect leadership behavior and how their behavior may influence employees’ perception. Literature Review: Leadership Behavior and Employees’ Perception Chapter One: Introduction to the study

Purpose of the Study
Over the years there have been numerous studies conducted regarding effective leadership behavior and employees’ perception. The issue is not the information derived from the studies but the fact that there are too many variables that play into employees’ perception of leadership behavior such as organizational goals, industry, and work environment. So what are the makings of an effective and successful leader? “A good leader excels in some areas, but also understands his or her limitations” (Hill, 2009). Good leaders are not born; they are made by perfecting their skills through practice. This paper will explore the leadership role; how leaders interact with employees and how those they lead perceive and influence their behavior. Problem statement

One of the responsibilities of a leader is to lead but not all leaders are the same and not all employee are the same. In other words, one size does not fit all. Leaders face challenges every day that can affect their job performance, how they interact with employees and how employees perceive their behavior as well as others in the organization. Employees expect their leaders to be their resource of information and know how to handle any situation. The issue here is that leaders do not know it all. Leaders who are unmanaged or display destructive behavior can have a negative influence on employees which can cause low morale, decrease in productivity and creativity. Research objectives

The purpose of this research is to compare positive and negative leadership behaviors and how they affect employee’s performance and how leaders are perceived by their employees. Research question

What are the major leadership behaviors that shape an employee’s perception of his or her leader? How does a leader’s behavior influence employee’s work behavior? When leaders do not communicate with their employees effectively, they may be perceived as unapproachable and will be less likely to use their employees effectively.  When employees perceive their leader as unapproachable, they are reluctant to seek their assistance or ask questions that may enable them to do their job effectively. A leader must understand each employee’s potential and how to use that potential to motivate and influence them to be more productive and help them succeed. Research Hypothesis

H1. A leader’s understanding of how their behavior affects their employees has a major influence on their employee’s perception. Leaders must understand the true impact or influence their interaction behavior has on their employees. An effective leader encourages open communication, cultivates trust, and knows how to motivate employees. A leaders who lacks the ability to effectively interact with their employees in a positive manner, can have a negative impact on their employee’s perception. H2. Employees who have a negative perception of their leader’s behavior can negatively influence their performance.

Employees depend on their leaders for guidance but if they perceive their leader to be inept or not having the necessary leadership skills to guide, the employee will lack the ability to do his or her job well. If the leader does not have the necessary skills to lead employees, the leader he...
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