Leadership Assignment

Topics: Management, Leadership, Business Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Nawid Haidari BBA D7 Reg # 10 RD-100–12 – Leadership Assignment – Date: 16 May 2013

Q # 1 – Why you are in leadership class?

During 3 decades of war Afghanistan's infrastructure totally collapsed in almost all aspects, since for the past years after the international community's focus on Afghanistan's rebuilding we are witnessing considerable improvements and development in social, economic, cultural and educational sectors. While education being my primary objective, my study/research would focus directly on learning form leadership, business management concepts and objectivity transform these learning into a beneficial contribution in my personal life as well as to my workplace, since it would be the start of professional success in my life I would prefer to focus on leadership subject which can help and improve my interpersonal skills in management and leadership style and management. Leadership and Business Management is a demanding field all over the world since almost every organization need services of leaders / mangers, finance professionals. I have been providing my professional services in sales department of a well know Telecommunication Company in Afghanistan for the last 7 years. During the period i have experience of working in sales and having a lot of challenging tasks and duties, currently i am working as Senior Corporate Sales Executive and I wish the leadership subject will fulfill my needs to be more successful in my career achievements in future.

Q # 2 – What are your expectations for the Leadership Class?

There is a huge demand for great leaders and business management professionals in my country, as we have been outsourcing of leaders, business managers and finance professional for the last 10 years from other countries which has an inverse effect on our economy. The outsourced professional only work in the area of their responsibility without having a considerable effect on capacity building of man power in our country. My...
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