Leadership Approach

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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Leadership Approach Paper
Cesar L. Lebron Rodriguez
University of Phoenix
Prof. Hector R. Torres, PhD April 8, 2013

Leadership Approach Paper
Leadership as a subject has been study since the beginning of the twenty century. As part of the different scientific research, five leadership approaches has been defined which describes different leadership behaviors. Those are: Trait approach, Behavior approach, Power Influence approach, Situational approach and Integrative approach. After evaluating the leadership approach that better fits to current globalized and diverse workforce, a leader with an integrate approach will work best. Integrate approach is conceived as the combination of five leadership roles that are performed collectively by employees and managers at different levels of hierarchy (Fernandez, 2010). Depending of the situation and roles, integrative approach will work best because will use the best of the five (5) approach to maximize the utilization of the team by properly influence them to fulfill the establish organization goal. The integrative leader is a visionary person with the right balance of values, integrity, experience and charisma that will result in influencing, energizing the employees and associates at all levels. The strength of the integrative approach is that provides the flexibility of use different leadership approach depending on the situation, meanwhile a weakness will require that the leader has all the necessary skills and traits to manage all the situation within a specific activity. Not having the skills could result in low performance personnel that will impact meeting the organization objectives. After understanding the different leadership approach, integrative leadership is most use at Bristol Myers Squibb, Manati Site. Although initially I was not aware about the different leadership concepts and approach, Influence without having the authority...
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