Leadership Approach

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Leadership Approach Paper
Eli Griffin
LDR/531Organizational Leadership
July 31, 2012
Norma Sutton

Leadership Approach Paper
This paper will indicate one of the major approaches in the studying of leadership. The paper will indicate the strengths and weaknesses that are a part of the chosen leadership approach. The paper will also indicate an example of an organization currently using the chosen leadership approach. According to Leadership Theories and Studies (2012),”Leadership is probably the most frequently studied topic in the organizational sciences. Thousands of leadership studies have been published and thousands of pages on leadership have been written in academic books and journals, business-oriented publications, and general-interest publications” (para. 2a). Individuals and researchers conducting a particular leadership study state that leadership has many definitions (Yuki, 2010). Yuki (2010) states “Researchers usually define leadership according to their individual perspectives and the aspects of the phenomenon of most interest to them. After a comprehensive review of the leadership literature which also indicates that there are almost as many definitions of leadership as there are persons who have attempted to define the concept” (p. 2a). Behavioral Leadership

One of the major leadership approaches is the behavioral leadership study. Yuki (2010) stated,“ The behavior approach began in the early 1950’s after many researchers became discouraged with the trait approach and began to pay closer attention to what managers actually do on the job. The behavior research falls into two general subcategories. One line of research examines how managers spend their time and the typical pattern of activities, responsibilities, and functions for managerial jobs. Some of the research also investigates how managers cope with demands, constraints, and role conflicts in their jobs” (p. 13-14b).

The University of Michigan and Ohio State University...
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