Leadership and Values

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  • Published : January 25, 2013
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Leadership and Values
Sherri Shehata
Solutions Focused Leadership | BUS381 A01
Argosy University

While reading the situations in chapter 6 I decided to go with one I could and feel comfortable arguing points on both sides and would agree with. The other situations would have been no to the answers and I feel would limit me on what I could write about. The question I went with is “If you were an elementary school principal, would you feel it was part of your school’s responsibility to teach moral values, or only academic subject matter?” (2009)

With teaching moral values in elementary schools you are going to come across parents who are for it and others who feel that is the parent’s job and the school’s should stick to academic subject matters. Morally speaking I would say that it is a necessary to learn moral values to help you through the school years, in knowing right and wrong. This is something better off taught in the earlier grades because children are more open minded and once they get into their pre-teen and teen years it is harder to get through to them. Some parents may say that morally the school and principle has no rights to teach their children about morals because that is something that individual’s see differently. If the school’s implemented moral values with academic matters and the parents taught moral values at home this would arm our children to be not only educated but also knowing right from wrong and how to treat others with respect.

The teaching of morals and values in public schools is a subject matter that has been discussed for several years. The Secretary of Education William Bennett argued that we fight to restore a “coherent moral vision” to America’s public school. Gary Bauer, a deputy undersecretary in the Department of Education, told the American Federation of Teachers stated that “The teaching of values and ethics in our public schools should be an integral part of the curriculum.” (Schafersman, 1991)...
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