Leadership and Teamwork

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  • Published : October 20, 2010
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Leadership and teamwork in the public services
Unit 2
Liam McGuire

The assignment will discuss 2 different leadership styles in the uniformed public services. One of the leadership styles used in the public services is called Authoritarian this is a very traditional leadership style and at times can be very strict and firm. The most common and strongest place where you will find authoritarian leadership is in the Armed Services. Authoritarian leaders also provide clear expectations for what needs to be done and there can be also a clear division between the leader and its followers. Authoritarian leaders make a lot of decisions from their own back in other words they are independent and have very little input off other team members. And this is not to say that they don’t have advisers and consultants but you can say they always make their decisicions final always. In the uniformed public services Authoritarian leaders specify all the things they want to accomplish including the methods they want used. In this case the creativity of the workers is compromised and they will not have much room for improvements to be made because the leader usually wants to do everything his way.

The second leadership style to be discussed in the Uniformed Public services is the democratic leadership style, the democratic leadership style can be used in the government and is a very open style of running a team, ideas move freely amongst the group and are discussed openly. The democratic leadership style can bring the best out of an experienced team and lets them share their views. Examples of democratic leadership can be: * Asking all group members for ideas and input.

* Asking group members to work with their strengths as this enables team members to work at their own pace specified and set their own deadlines.

The democratic leader gives followers a vote in nearly every decision the team makes. The process that can be involved can be very time consuming because nearly every decision that has to be made has to be always made together. In the Public Services this leadership style can quickly build flexibility and you have to be responsible and help and come up with new ways of doing things. This leadership style is best used when its followers are knowledgeable and when organisation of change is needed, for an example this style can be used when the leaders needs to introduce fresh ideas into the organisation.

Team building leads to team cohesion in the Uniformed Public services because it’s all about teams working together, they must provide help to their team members at all times if needed, a team members role is very simple they must always watch other team members backs. Team building leads to cohesion also by observing logical sound theories. Therefore you also have to think the problem through in a step by step way. In the Uniformed Public service teams depend on a shared vision they must make clear roles and responsibilities and make a lot of decisions and think them through properly. Failure to do so can lead to bad communication in your team and most importantly they commit themselves to a lot of trust. In other words team cohesion is the process of team bonding, and it’s what makes a team stick together and achieve their goals, even when everyone becomes tired and becomes under pressure or is experiencing difficulties and challenges.

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