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  • Published : April 23, 2012
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Week 1 Assignment

Case: Studer International
Daft pp.30 & 31

Case: D.L. Woodside, Sunshine Snacks
Daft pp. 60 & 61

Case: Studer International
Daft pp.30 & 31

1. Yes, John Terrill’s leadership fit’s the definition laid out in exhibit 1.1. He is influencing relationships amongst his followers as well as other leaders within the organization. He is requesting change and not just maintaining status quo. He has taken initiative to examine and analyze the amount of time consumed by internal written reports. His new goal is to refocus the department’s time and resources into becoming more productive for the company.

2. John Terrill demonstrates leadership qualities from Era 4. His leadership style emphasizes relationships and networks. He influences are felt through vision and values rather than power and control. He is also willing to experiment to encourage the development and growth of others.

Head-quarters seem to demonstrate leadership qualities from Era 2. They practice that hierarchy that provides a sensible mechanism for supervision and control of workers. Under this practice employees are not expected to think for themselves, but rather to do as they are told.

3. I would have approached this manner in a similar way. I would have definitely reached out to the department and gather the opinions of those that were that before me. I would have taken a step back to observe the time spent by the engineers while filling out the reports. I might have been a bit more hands on and filled out reports myself to grasp the work and see if there were any other ways of trimming the fat from the reporting and only document the essentials. I admire his intentions and bravery to present the reports to the president the way he did, but I probably would have presented in a more formal way, such as on an excel presentation and arrange a more formal meeting. All in all, I admire John’s approach and he was able to get his...
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