Leadership and Self-Deception Reflection

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Scott Curtis
CJ 3020
Self-Assessment Paper
Leadership and Self-Deception

The first step I took towards bettering myself and how I view the world around me was to pick up this book and read it for myself, although it was required for class. I was constantly confounded throughout the text contained due to the certitude that I have never personally worked for a company that put this much effort in ensuring their employees viewed everyone around them as people, and that they would treat their customers/suppliers likewise. For me personally, I can strongly say that I am consumed staring at the walls inside my box knowingly because I am employed where I work with both egregious subject and those victimized by the crime. The last thing I think of is how I am going to look at others as people like myself. That is not to say I am unblemished nor outwardly express myself to be as such, but at the same time it has molded me into a person that does not easily confide in others I am unfamiliar with. As I tried to understand where self-deception could retract its meaning in my life, I thought of the person I am trying to identify myself as for my family. In the middle of the night being a more recent father for the first time, there have been multiple occasions where I hear my son crying and I wait and listen for my wife to linger out of bed to attend to his needs as he is still being breast-fed. This experience is like that of the character (Tom) in the book and his family and their needs. Perhaps this was one of the scenarios that kept my interest in reading further into the book. Anatomically I cannot attend to the specific needs of my boy in the middle of the night in the same manner as my wife. However, when my help is needed, I find myself stammering slowly with a grumpy attitude, which at times is never seen because the lights are rarely turned on and I try not to vocalize my ridiculous attitude. I understand that self-betrayal starts with a feeling, whether it...
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