Leadership and Power with Teenagers

Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Patient Pages: 4 (1230 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Leadership & Communication with Teenagers
Megan Buchanan
Sergio Alberto Morales Garcia
IDST 100 – Introductory Communications for Helping Professionals Jean Prysiazny
November 21 2012

Leadership & Communication with Teenagers
Communication between patients and health care providers has always been an important topic. Specifically communication between teenagers and health care professionals, a study conducted by Jacobson and others (2001), shows that there has not been much research that specifically show how teenagers relate to the health services. Using the communication aspects of that study, the description of group dynamics shown in the textbook and the assigned readings, we will try to show a more effective way to communicate with teenagers as a health care professional. Power in a Group

With few exceptions, most teenagers feel the need to belong to a group. For a teenager group dynamics help to define his or her identity. If we can understand how group dynamics work, we can then use that information to develop a strategy to help us as health care professionals communicate effectively with teenagers. Adler (2010) defines power as “the ability to influence others” (p. 308). There are many ways to influence other people using the different types of power. We will review a few of them in order to get a better understanding of what level of power we can have in a group. We will not be discussing if the “power” or level of influence in the group is used for good or bad, only that it is present. Legitimate Power

Legitimate power is defined as power received because of title or position. A parent, a teacher or, in our case, a nurse or paramedic, has this kind of power when first approaching a patient. This kind of power is usually acquired through an authority that is recognized by society. We accept this authority because they have a position above us in the chain of command. The end result is the person with the power has the...
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