Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Action

Topics: Ethics, Goal, Organization Pages: 12 (3831 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Course Project: Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Action

GM-591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Overview of Organization

The organization that will be the topic of discussion in my final project paper is Devry University Inc. Established in 1931, Devry University is a subsidiary of Devry Inc, which is a publicly traded and private higher education institution. Devry has provided a quality education to hundreds of thousands of consumers over the years. Devry offers a vast array of degree programs ranging from the undergraduate level to graduate degrees and professional certificates. The University primarily targets adults who are looking to advance in their current career position, or seeking a career change. With education delivery methods such as classroom and online learning, which are highly appealing to working professionals, Devry has been able to expand its consumer even beyond the U.S. territories. After the recent Economic meltdown, Devry University has experienced tremendous growth along with most other higher education institutions. More than ever, people have returned to school to brush up on skill sets, and or gain new career based knowledge all in hopes in increasing their chances of gaining employment in a more competitive atmosphere. Devry University has capitalized on the recent influx of potential students, and has seen profits soar as a result. The company has developed innovative marketing techniques and materials that have helped them capture the attention of a younger demographic. These individuals were once only attracted to traditional universities. Now more than ever Devry has been able to compete for the younger student base at traditional universities. Although there have been some major strides in Devry’s growth, recent activities in the higher education industry has called for more stringent regulations on the industry. In 2010, the Federal Government announced new legislation that would fall upon all higher education institutions by July of 2011. This legislation set new parameters for colleges and universities to operate in, which ultimately has a negative effect on enrollment. One of the main reasons for this legislation is that many for profit universities like Devry compensate their recruiters and enrollment staff according to the number of their enrollments. The Federal Government no longer wants to allow the federal dollars issued to students for their education to be used toward compensating an enrollment staff that is “numbers’ (number of students enrolled) driven. This practice, which had been going on for over a century, lead to predatory recruiting by colleges and universities. Institutions have been coercing, and promising unrealistic career and financial outcomes to the students enrolled in their programs. It has been said that the industry has resembled a lot of what caused the current economic crisis (predatory lending).

Preliminary Problem Statement

Devry has completely changed its process for recruiting students, the enrollment goals, and the compensation model for the entire department of enrollment management. The compnay has sought to capitalize on the ability to gain the customer base that once belonged to its competitors before many of them ran into financial problems and had to shut their doors. At the current state, employees feel they aren’t able to achieve goals set before them, become eligible for promotions, or even experience the feeling of being appreciated. What accompanies the issue of reaching unrealistic goals is the fact that the advisors are expected to remain student focused, high in moral, and willing to contribute to changing students lives through education through out the recruiting process. This issue alone has caused a huge disconnection between the Admissions Representatives and management on all levels. The trust factor has been tarnished, and there is a strong presence of animosity towards the...
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