Leadership and Nelson Mandela

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Nelson Mandela

The world has seen an array of leaders that emerged throughout history for different causes. The civil rights movement, the women rights movement, the gay rights movement, and the fight for independence, are a few of the many reasons why we were able to get to know some amazing leaders. This is because each one of those leaders had a vision of equality, and they were willing to do everything possible to reach that goal. One of these leaders was Nelson Mandela with his peaceful fight for civil rights in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was a man who was true to his word and dedicated to equality and peace. The fact that he was president isn’t what makes him stand out, but the fact that he effectively executed many of the leadership qualities we learned about in class, is what makes such a great leader.

One of the first class topics that were exhibited by Nelson Mandela is “Model the Way”. He was a devoted believer in non-violence resistance methods for the fight for equality, and that is exactly what he displayed. He first became active in politics with the election of the “Afrikaner-dominated National Party”1. He stayed true to his belief of non-violence resistance, which he adopted from Gandhi, and was arrested and charged with treason. I believed that he stayed true to his beliefs even if that meant imprisonment. Nelson Mandela also showed characteristics of “Model the Way” while in office. Although some were suspicious about his approach, he was persistent on what he believed and made sure that he also presented himself the way that he needed to be seen. He believed in equality and therefore made his whole staff that way by adding non-African men to his security staff. This is a great example of “Modeling the Way”, because when Nelson Mandela meant equality, he really meant it for all and so he implemented that idea within his staff.

Another class topic clearly shown by Nelson Mandela was “Challenge the Process”. He saw a group in power...
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