Leadership and Mentoring

Topics: Leadership, Coaching, Management Pages: 10 (3407 words) Published: November 19, 2011
1: Introduction to Leadership and Mentoring
2: definition of leaders and Mentors
3: Exemplary models
4: Roles and Values
5: Standard & Ethics
6: Case study
7: Conclusion
8: References

I: Introduction
Leadership and mentoring has generally been mistaken to be the same thing however during the course of this assignment I aim to prove otherwise that although leaders and mentors may share some similar traits they have different definitions and perform different functions. There are different types of leaders and also mentors; examples of famous leaders are Nelson Mandela, Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln Barrack Obama, examples of mentors are Socrates who mentored Aristotle who subsequently mentored Alexander the Great. These are examples of great leaders and mentors mostly in political situations and ancient times. In the modern day contemporary society there are examples of leaders and mentors in educational institutions, sports, workplaces. They are needed for these organisations to run smoothly.

II: Leadership And Mentoring
Leadership and mentoring as a context have different meanings according to different sources; however there are no single definitions but different words are used to explain what they mean in situations where they are applicable. According to Ronaldo regain in (Strock 1998 P.17) A great leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things he is the one who gets the people to do great things. (Robert and brown 2004 P.2) leadership is how a person tasked in charge of leading others changes their mentality, collective thoughts, to make these group of people more efficient in daily activities. Leadership is having precise knowledge of how things should be done and how he expects the people he is in charge of to carry out their activities as well. A leader is a person who influences and gives directives to a group of individuals who work together to achieve a collective goal. A leader does his duties by using leadership skills and personality traits, which apply to different situations they face; a leaders values and morals help determines the kind of leader he hopes to become. Different leaders have different personality traits, this traits affect a leaders style of leadership, according to (Northouse 2004 P.16) good leaders possess traits such as humility, integrity, belief carefully utilising the traits helps create conducive working conditions between the leader and his followers, a good leader would be able to carry out his duties with excellent support from his supporter. A mentor is a person another individual looks up to as an advisor, role model and someone who influences their thoughts and actions. Best example is that of a master in chosen craft and his apprentice or protégée (Clutterbuck 2004) explains mentoring as assistance given from one person to another in making adequate contributions in education, work or personal thought, mentors pass valuable knowledge and experience to others. Mentors guide their mentees using experience gained to guide and counsel their decision making and thinking in dealing with life situations, giving them advice on career issues, how to cope with life in their workplaces, universities and colleges. A mentor’s positivity is more evident in their competency to proffer good advice, ethics and self-respect in providing support to the people they are mentoring also acting as a friend and developing a working personal relationship. According to Clutterbuck (2004) a mentors job is to get the mentee to achieve goals and targets they have set out for themselves, the mentor makes sure the mentee takes responsibilities for achieving his targets this is called a non- directive mentor relationship this type of mentoring helps the mentee to achieve a higher level of self- confidence and improves their personal skills to take on tasks and accomplish directives given to them by themselves. If the mentor takes responsibility for...
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