Leadership and Mentoring

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1.0 Introduction
In this assignment will describe about leadership and mentoring. This will include the definitions, model, and benefit and talk about on the skill and competences of the both roles. Below are the briefly introduce to leadership and mentoring. What is leader? Leader had not just the traditional sense of leading. It is the combination of leader and guidance. What is leadership? It can be described as a combination of a series of acts and these behaviours will inspire the people to follow the leader to the place the leader went, not simply obedience. Based to the definition of leadership, we will see that the leadership is exists around us such as in a company management, in the classroom, in the stadium, in the military, in the government and even in a family. We can see the leadership in all fields; it is the core of everything we do. So, a title or position can not automatically create a leadership. What is mentor? A mentor usually is an individual, older, and all the time more in experienced, which can help and guide the development of another person. The guiding principle is not behalf on personal gain. Then what is the meaning of mentoring? The most common distinct of mentoring is an experienced person in the professional relationship to support in the development of specific skills and knowledge, as well as the other people with less experience improved professional and personal growth.

2.0 Leadership
2.1 Definition
Leadership is accomplishing results through relationship with people. The overall aim of leader is to achieve the task with the assist of their group. In the words of Peter Drucker, “Effective leaders earn and maintain the trust of other” So, to be an effective leader, get the trust from the others is important, it because leader need to lead the follower to achieve goal and the relationship of leader and follower must be in trust, the follower must trust their leader can helpfully them to achieve their goal. According to James Cribbin description to leadership, he said that” leadership is an influence process that enable managers to get their people to do willingly what must be done, do well what ought to be done.” In this case, a leader must have certain leadership ability, which can make people willing to work with him/her. Leader is a person who has aspirations, innovative and can lead his/her group member into action to accomplish settled aim. As stated aptly by Jaques.E & Clement.S, “Leadership is that process in which one person sets the purpose or direction for one or more other persons and gets them to move along together with him or her and with each other in that direction with competence and full commitment.”

2.2Theory of leadership
2.2.1Path Goal Theory
This theory was developed by Robert House and it is based on the expectancy theory on motivation. The theory is found on the idea that an employee’s insight of expectancies between his effort and performance is greatly influence by a leader’s behaviour. The Path Goal theory advises that the major work of a leader is to help subordinates achieve their goals, and provide the needed guidance and support to ensure their goals can meet the target of the group or organization. Through the effectiveness leaders he should help his subordinates clarify the way which the target can be reached by reduce the barriers and risky during the process to make it become more successes. Therefore, the leaders do provide the useful information, to be the support, and other resources which are necessary by the subordinates to complete the task. First the leader must determine which environmental factors are lacking in the situation that is likely to be acceptable to the employee. This is carrying out by analyze the characteristics of the work environment and the characteristics of the followers. On the base of Path Goal theory, an effectiveness leader is depends on several followers and environmental...
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