Leadership and Management Paper

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Jennifer’s “Finest Touch” Event Specialist

Jennifer Bailey
Leadership and Management OM – 3503

Matthew Brown

August 28, 2012


Jennifer’s “Finest Touch” Event Specialist is a company that takes pride in making your occasion distinct and unique. Our goal is to provide a custom designed affair that fits the expectations of the client for that special event. Upon discussing an idea of your dream vision for the day, we will design and coordinate a breath-taking setting that truly reflects your style and personality. Our personal consulting service will work to deliver an affair that will meet all your expectations. Communication is the key to our success. Consistent interaction with our clients is the key to ensure that the event comes together smoothly. Our goal and mission statement is to make sure all of our client’s ideas and wishes are carried out so the day can be enjoyed to the fullest. The purpose of this paper is to define and reference subjects that were taught in the Leadership and Management class OM3503 and explain how they can be utilized to build a successful business.
Leadership is defined as, a person who guides or directs a group (Hersey, Blanchard & Johnson, 2008). To be a great leader there are certain qualities that must be held. Examples of some of the skills required are, having the ability to influence, understand each situation, be authoritative and give direction in a positive manner in order to maximize the greatest potential from your employees. Use your employee’s strengths in a manner that is most beneficial for the company. Remember that people make the company. A great leader learns from experience. Leaders do not know everything. A valuable tool to utilize is listening to your employees. Take advantage of data provided and absorb the information, use it to your advantage. A great philosophy is that there are no dumb questions. Evaluate every situation and make the decision and if a mistake is made, use it as a learning tool. What type of leadership is needed for this specific business? L = f (l, f, s)

The equation for leadership is L = f (l, f, s) (Hersey, Blanchard & Johnson, 2008). In translation, leadership is a function of the leader, the follower and other situational variables. There are numerous characteristics that are needed in building a successful business in being an event specialist. The goal of the business is to provide a pleasurable, memorable experience and if there are negative reviews the reputation of the company is at risk. Reputation in this type of business is an important factor in being successful. It is a highly competitive market and in order to be one of the best, the service provided has to be of the utmost quality. Employees have to be led in an organized manner in order to get the event fulfilled with no major issues or setbacks. Meeting or exceeding the expectations of the client the event is designed for is the major factor in becoming and maintaining a successful business. Theory “X” vs. Theory “Y”

The “X” and “Y” theories both come into play in this type of business. The situational demand of the specific environment is a factor in determining the type of leadership approach that is needed. Theory “X” is defined as an authoritarian leader. This type of leadership is needed for guiding employees. The focus has to be placed on the task at hand. There is great detail that has to be satisfied in order for the event to successful. The emphasis on organization is important. Required responsibilities have to be defined to each employee. The expectation of what the employee is responsible for, when it is expected and how their tasks are accomplished has to be communicated to each employee. Consistent and effective leadership is required. Consistency between the leader and the employee enhances the learning ability of the employee to become...
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