Leadership and Management

Topics: Management, Health, Health care Pages: 3 (575 words) Published: May 28, 2013
This assignment will focus on the project management of a childhood atopic eczema session within a

parenting group, implemented by Health Visitors. By adopting a systematic approach, ensuring

effective practice change, and that the development is a continuous process. Focusing on the nature

of the facilitation and the theoretical underpinnings needed to enable the change to occur, for this

purpose a management of change model will be used. Time management and a resources plan will

be included and used as a tool to evaluate practice and critically discuss how we can better manage

childhood eczema in the community. Application of leadership skills and conflict management will be

analysed and will include a discussion on best practice and the use of evaluation and reflection.

Issues related to the quality of care and how leadership can maintain or improve it, an understanding

of the process of change and leadership styles. To conclude, a summary of the learning process and

recommendations for future practice will be discussed.

Skin diseases affect between one–third and one–quarter of the population at any one time. 60000 referrals to secondary care in 2012, with atopic eczema being the most common inflammatory skin disease of childhood (Nice, 2012). Atopic eczema is an inflammatory skin condition characterised by intense itching (Charman, 2001). When eczema is active the skin becomes itchy and inflamed and vesticles develop. The condition presents primarily in infancy and childhood, with the peak age of onset before three months. Williams and Wuthrich (2000) cited in Hoare et al,( 2000) suggest that around 80% of cases commence before the age of five years. However research suggests that around 75% of children have grown out of the condition by their teens (McHenry et al, 2005). Public health nurses are therefore are in a prime position to strengthen the commissioning for early intervention and...
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