Leadership and Management

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Before I start with answering the question with 2000 until 2500 words long which has great possibilities of me putting every vocabulary i have into it, let me draw a sort of direction of what my essay is about. I will start with the statement of whether I agree or not with theKotter’s statement, and then I will continue with projecting every bit of knowledge and opinion I have regarding what leadership and management is. I also write about leaders and managers, not in the example of persons but instead in characteristic, and I tried my best to write my opinion concerning the commonly used thoughts about the differences between those two (leaders and managers), and I wrote a thing or two about it based on my own insights, which has no sertification or so about whether it is publicly and academicly accepted, and also based on what I read from people’s quotation. As the last part of my essay, I citate about the case that, hopefully, related with the opinions and thoughts I have written previously. I also did relate things from the case to the statements I wrote earlier and there is a fat chance that you might find that some of my statements has no relation with the case, or maybe it will happen oppositely. One thing that I need to clarify is that I did some research before I wrote this essay, and thus this essay might be influenced slightly, if not heavily, by the knowledge that is shared by many of fantastic people. For sure, I did not do any kind of pressing CTRL+A button and then Right Click and then Copy and then Paste, with the exception on the case part. I did my best not to do it. So, if you happen to be spending some of your time reading my essay, I wish you a great time and a lot of fun reading the rest of my writings. As always, critique and suggestion are willingly taken.

The Answer
“Leadership and Management are two distinct but complementary system, while management promote stability, leadership press for change, only organization that can embrace both side of that contradiction canthrive in turbulent times” – Kotter ‘95 At the first glance I thought, “hey hang on, I think I know this guy, he must be the marketing guru whose book is always be the standard for every marketing students!” Turns out I was wrong. The one I referred earlier is Phillip Kotler while the person who stated the quotation above is John P. Kotter who is a leadership guru. Okay, at first I had the intention to be frank and write down that I disagree with what Kotter said, but later on I had to forgive myself for being ignorant and I learned that there are things that is true from what he said, or at least ‘was’, and there are things that seemingly be in harmony with I have mind, but then up to some point it contradicts my know-better-than-him ego, which I promise you a good reason and explanation that will be covered later on. So, in short, I disagree with what Kotter said, but up to some point, I also agree with him. Here is my defense. “Management and leadership are two distinct but complementary system...” that is what he said, but I would rather to say it this way: Management and Leadership are two distinct disciplines but they work as two sides of the same coin. Means it is not just complimentary to each other, but whenever one of them is on the surface, the other one will follow to exist. If we take a look at management function, which are Organizing, Planning, Staffing, Directing, and Controlling, leadership is most likely included in the Directing function. Also, when we take a look at leadership, simply we cannot just lead people without proper management function, especially in business context, otherwise the follower will be stranded in the middle of ocean, knowing where they want to go without knowing which route should they take to get there. Before we go further, let me point out my simple thoughts of anything that is related to management and leadership, with no means of being ignorant or trying to be recognized...
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