Leadership and Governance

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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The leader’s role in effective governance of organisations

Assignment 1 Report by : Jorge Andres Cuellar Student Id : S0224193

Subject : LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE Course Code : MGMT20152 Tutor: Grace Phan-Athiroj

Central Queensland University
Sydney January 2012

Since last decade there are major interest in executive directors’ role to achieve a high status and be recognized into organisations, universities and other entities. Nowadays, words as leadership, quality, and management have reached major relevance how a mechanism to build and develop comfortable environment work, and better quality of life for their all members or collaborates. Furthermore all these factors can be of use to encourage a high quality in customer service which will be represented on organizational outcomes. Based on this statement, a leader and followers represent an important link whose affect on making-decisions. This essay would explore about the meaning of leadership and governance as part fundamental in organizational system, and how leaders can affect positive or negative companies' outcomes throughout their making–decisions. Another important aspect is making a differentiation between leader’s role and executive’s role, where authority contributes on hierarchy stewardship and finally the influence of leadership on followers to achieve organizational successful. Firstly, have being need to defined concepts about leadership and governance on framework organizational. Leadership is defined as “the process of influencing leaders and followers to achieve organizational objectives through change” by Lussier and Achua (2004, p 5) in Caldwell C, et al (2010, p 498), cited Cardona P (2000, p 201) suggest the leadership as two parties where follower and leaders are relational each other, finding a transformation address toward a mutual outcome. Those concepts focus on leadership as process where leaders and followers work on their mutual goals. Now it need conceptualize a leader as part of these parties being mainly responsible for address on companies. Oxford Dictionary defines leader as a person who is able to lead or commands groups, organizations or countries, also commands require have a purpose or intention that is in common agreement between two parties, which works to achieve their reward. Therefore and leadership exist as an process internal relation between two parties leaders and followers where leader are in charge to influence their collaborators in making decisions whom play on the same team toward achieve mutual purpose. However, this process is developed under on framework of organizational policies. Leadership incorporate their decisions on governance system as at code of conduct ethical, transparent and responsibility to all members of the organization. As cited by Watson G H Good governance is a vital element to build trust, bringing benefits on organizational, impacting positive on stakeholder and customers in all different sectors. Thus organization works on strength its values, delivering an ambience clearly toward all members and aligning their behaviours. Even though, governance maintain established a internal code of conduct into organization, the leadership is susceptible to leader behaviour, whose can use the governance system to alter corporative decisions, but, as it has been mentioned previously, leadership are conform by two corporative members . In this case followers have enough autonomy to reject and advise any irregularity that goes against organization governance, originating by leaders. According to Watson H G (2003), A governance systems issued policies cover all business members, under an organizational objective, avoiding actions unaligned at operational management.

In short, Organization runs under an established code conduct, which aligning its member’s acts once making- decisions and comportments, developing a ambience of loyalty and transparency to all members. Leadership appear as part...
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