Leadership and Culture

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PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS PART I. INTRODUCTION Chapter 1. Leadership: Past, Present, and Future David V. Day and John Antonakis PART II. LEADERSHIP: SCIENCE, NATURE, AND NURTURE Chapter 2. Aggregation Processes and Levels of Analysis as Organizing Structures for Leadership Theory Robert G. Lord and Jessica E. Dinh Chapter 3. Advances in Leadership Research Methods Michael J. Zyphur, Adam P. Barsky, and Zhen Zhang Chapter 4. The Nature of Leadership Development David V. Day Chapter 5. The Nature in Leadership: Evolutionary, Biological, and Social Neuroscience Perspectives Mark Van Vugt PART III. THE MAJOR SCHOOLS OF LEADERSHIP Chapter 6. Individual Differences in Leadership Timothy A. Judge and David M. Long Chapter 7. Contingencies, Context, Situation, and Leadership Roya Ayman and Susan Adams Chapter 8. Transformational and Charismatic Leadership John Antonakis Chapter 9. The Nature of Relational Leadership: A Multitheoretical Lens on Leadership Relationships and Processes Mary Uhl-Bien, John Maslyn, and Sonia Ospina 179 218 256 29 66 108 3 vii ix



Chapter 10. In the Minds of Followers: Follower-Centric Approaches to Leadership Douglas J. Brown Chapter 11. The Nature of Shared Leadership Christina L. Wassenaar and Craig L. Pearce PART IV. LEADERSHIP AND SPECIAL DOMAINS

331 363

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Chapter 12. Leadership and Culture Deanne N. Den Hartog and Marcus W. Dickson Chapter 13. Leadership and Gender Linda L. Carli and Alice H. Eagly Chapter 14. Leadership and Identity Daan van Knippenberg Chapter 15. Ethics and Effectiveness: The Nature of Good Leadership Joanne B. Ciulla PART V. CONCLUSION Chapter 16. The Crucibles of Authentic Leadership Warren Bennis Author Index Subject Index About the Editors About the Contributors

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Leadership: Past, Present, and Future
David V. Day John Antonakis

In industrial, educational, and military settings, and in social movements, leadership plays a critical, if not the most critical, role, and is therefore an important subject for study and research. (Bass, 2008, p. 25) eadership matters, according to...
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