Leadership and Conflict Resolution

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Management Pages: 4 (1339 words) Published: August 2, 2012
DATE: 05 17 2012

I was fortunate to attend a Board meeting in Madison, Virginia, on Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation. The meeting took place at the Madison Volunteer Fire Department under the auspices Robert Brame the project director. Invited in the meeting were various directors, staff representatives and others. The above meeting was about accessing the conditions of the various dams and bridges under their jurisdiction. The meeting was called to order on the 15 of May 2012 at 9:00 AM

At the start of the meeting I was struck by the way Mr. Brame started the meeting. One could sense the spirit of togetherness and a drive to a common vision by the directors and staff members present in the meeting. Most of the members had something in common for which they were passionate about and one could tell from the participants that there was no leadership crisis. Though it was a little bit difficult for me to kind of follow the meeting because of how technical the subject was, I could tell by the way the director asked questions and sorted member’s opinion that the use of dialogue was successful. I just believe the director used dialogue to help the members of this organization create a share sense of meaning and purpose. From the way he interacted with his staff, he enabled them express their hopes and fears, suspend their convictions and explore assumptions, and become motivated to search for common ground. In the course of the meeting I kept on hearing the word “we” which to me was a sign of belonging, unified group and shared meaning. When talking about the mission they all had in common I could sense the leader express some concerns as to the lack of sufficient funds to carry out their mission. This, the director blamed it on the U.S. Congress and according to him if it continued like that some will...
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