Leadership and Communication Management

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  • Published : January 24, 2012
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Leadership and Communication Management

We all know how the computer system works: Without the talented operator or appropriate software, even if it is equipped with the most advanced hardware, the computer itself will not achieve any results. If we compare the computer system as Enterprise, leadership is the operator and communication management is one of the most efficient software. When these two important elements combine in a cohesive manner, the Enterprise should expect the best performance. R Inc. is a leading third party logistics company. It offers freight transportation logistics, outsource solutions, produce sourcing, and information services among many other services. As an employee with five years of service, I feel fortune enough to work for a company with 100 years of history that continually shows strong growth. As a non-assets company, a majority of the business is executed through communication, and it exists in every aspect of R culture. Any individual within the company will spend a majority of their day communicating with customers, vendors, carriers, and co-workers, so Communication management definitely plays a critical role within R company. In R, branches are small independent organizations under the corporate enterprise, and each branch has its own communication system. Within the different leaderships, the style of communication varies. With my experience of having had three different branch managers in five years, I realize that leadership plays a critical role with communication management for the whole enterprise, and I would like to explore it more with my findings. Firstly, whether or not the leadership uses communication management to link employees to the company strategy could make a huge difference with the future of the enterprise. A majority of the employees will enjoy making achievements and receiving recognitions from their hard work. As a leader, if you do not show employees the company’s...
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