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Leadership Audit Analysis




FEBRUARY 10, 2013

Introduction A leader is someone that can touch something within that moves us out of our complacency and convinces us that we can make a difference in our world. [1] This is a high calling. It demands that each of us asks some thought provoking questions that audit our hearts and force us to reflect on whether we would serve as fully functioning followers of Christ in the 21st Century. [2] It always helps to at church leadership-past and present. From Abraham to Jesus and our church leaders of today, these leaders exercise some type of influence over the people they are leading or have led. Aubrey Malphurs defines leadership by expressing that leaders just don’t have influence over the people they lead. They use their influence “to influence people in a particular context to pursue their God-given direction”.[3] The job of church leadership is to help the people they lead recognize God as He works in their lives, to find their purpose, to pursue God’s plan for their life, and with the power of The Holy Spirit, carry that plan out and ultimately “win the race” All church leadership is a high calling and it is essential for anyone who is in a leadership position to identify their leadership style, strengths and weaknesses as it affects to leadership. The best way to do this is to do a self-elevation or use resources that will help you survey the effectiveness of your leadership. This course allows every student the opportunity to reflect on the characteristics of a leader. The author has enables the potential leaders to actually take personal audits that to survey leadership style and determine to what extent they hold the presented characteristics. This leadership audit is a combination and analysis of the individual audits contained within the reading and will serve as a tool to enhance leadership skills that will better serve and allow more effective leadership.

Christian Leader Audit In chapter one, Malphurs discussed “eight distinctive of Christian leadership” and provides example of first-century church leaders.[4] The Christian Leader Audit helps to determine the overall strength that a person has as a Christian, not just a leader. It audits a person’s commitment to Christ and His teachings and their willingness to follow His example in their everyday life. I scored an eight on this audit and, according to my score; I am a strong Christian leader. In my Christian walk, I have had some ups and downs and highs and lows. I have experienced death of the majority of my family, divorce, and a multitude of other things. It has been a process getting to the place that I am now. My life experiences have helped to develop my trust in God and strengthened my commitment to Him. Being a Christian, I have also learned that a lot of people look at me regarding how I handle the trials and tribulations that occur in my life. As a teacher, I have been divinely and strategically place in an atmosphere where I have a lot of young girls that look up to me and watch what I do and say at all times. That is why I strive every day to live my life as an example for those that are around me. Now admittedly, I have in the past struggled in the area of being completely led by the Holy Spirit when it comes to making decisions for my life. I am generally a person of zeal that has unknowingly raced ahead of The Holy Spirit, trying...
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