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rship Pastor of Brown Memorial AME Leadership Assessment

Pastor of avb AME Leadership Assessment
Douglas Byrd
MGMT 371
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Churches, like many other businesses and organizations are strongly dependent on leadership. I interviewed the pastor of abv African Methodist Episcopal Church of 130 18th Street NE Washington, DC 20002 and analyzed his leadership styles down to the tee. I focused on not only his answers to my questions, but his body language and demeanor as well. The questions were focused on his thoughts and definitions of terms in the Leadership Theory, Application, & Skills Development book. I was able to get a response from Pastor that was geared toward LEADERSHIP and not so much religion. Before the interview, my working experience with Pastor led me to believe that he was an ineffective leader; an unpleasant person to work for, and a self- centered individual. It turned out that Pastors has quite a few of the traits for good leadership. His leadership gets the job done with the type of people that he works with.

Pastor of Brown Memorial AME Leadership Assessment

From the very first interview question, my mind was referring to the book and seeing how Pastor was fitting the personality profile of effective leaders. I felt it proper to begin the interview by asking him “From a leadership perspective, what exactly is your job as a pastor?” He told me that he was the Profit, the Priest, and the King. I got him to put that in English for me and he said that he was the King, the Administrator, and the CEO.

The fact that he sees and refers to himself as The King of the church directly correlates to the Achievement Motivation Theory. Kings have power and the need for power is among the needs in the Achievement Motivation Theory. The things involved in The Need for Power connect to The Need for Affiliation. The Need for Power is the unconscious concern for influencing others and seeking positions of authority; and Pastor did seem to be oblivious to his need for power. I realized this while in regular conversation with him; he would stray from topic and list organizations that he is affiliated and the important high positions that he holds in each.

Personality Profile and Affiliation

Pastor did have the personality profile of common to effective leaders, but the need for power and affiliation appeared to greatly overweigh the need for achievement; and without a high need for achievement, you are heavily involved in telling people what to do, but not accomplishing at full capacity. Pastor also fit the mold for the Leader Motive Theory which includes power, affiliation, socialized power, and achievement; but I was most drawn to his use of socialized power. I was drawn to it because it seemed that he was using it halfway between “personal gain” and “to help others”. Hands down, he is an individual that likes being in-charge of other individuals, and some of the time he is just in charge and he is helping himself. Other times he is in charge and he is actually having a positive effect on people, whether it be the people under him or the people he is preaching to. From what I saw, any time he is not giving the word in the pulpit he is exerting his personalized power to make himself feel good. When he is in the pulpit, he is enjoying what he does, but not at the expense of others.

I found his need for affiliation interesting, because leaders generally have a lower need for affiliation than power, but from the interview I gathered that both were near the top of the totem pole. He would almost pollinate with his affiliation and then gain power once he is in; the more people you are people you are affiliated the more people you can have power over. It may not be focused power, but it is power none the less. Leadership Traits in His Own Words

I asked Pastor what he thought were good traits of a good leader and he responded by saying “lead by example...
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