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3 key differences between managers and leaders
To build a successful organisation, there needs to be a range of people including, manager, leaders, Junior level Staff (Boger, 2005). Managers play an import role in maintaining control people with the existing organisational structure. Whereas, leaders influence people and direct the organisation with own vision and strategies to achieve the organisational goals. This essay describes the three key differences between managers and leaders, and the possible similarities followed by an appropriate conclusion. The first key difference between Managers and Leaders is, the managers are administrative, whereas, leaders are more innovates. Buckingham (2005), says managers focus on the budget allocation, benchmark, interprets the performance and appraises (Kotterman, 2007). Which means, leaders come up with a vision and new ideas and direct the organisation into a forward thinking state (Nicolaides, 2006). Leaders has to continuously keep his eyes on the horizon and produce new approach and tactics (bottger, 2011). On the other hand, manager retains what has already been there. Where, the manager has to keep their eye on the bottom line and keep organise. The second key difference is, the manager focuses on control, whereas, the leaders inspires trust. As Kotter, (1999) and Conger, ( 2000) explain that manager expects to control and create a team out of his employees, through decisions on placement, promotion, communication and pay. Whereas, leaders create own ideas and inspire followers to follow his vision voluntarily. On the other hand, leadership is about what others do in response to you thus leaders have the vision and courages to create trust between leader and follower (Yukl, 1989).

The third key difference is, manager asks how and when, whereas, the leader asks what and why. The manager often focuses on survival Whereas, leaders mostly look for success (Rao, 2010). The core philosophy has portrayed...
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