Topics: Liberal arts, Liberal arts college, Weakness Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Kwawu Anthony Kafui
February 14 2013
Men may be created equal, free, rich, poor, intelligent or otherwise. From these many traits that we share, we draw strength, hope or ambition. But in all these desirable traits, there are always elements of weakness. Weaknesses which may cost us a great deal or spare us from life’s many machinations and snares. Being in a liberal arts college like ashesi, I spend most of my time coming to terms with my strengths and weakneses: usually unknowingly and without any real effort. A real weakness I have identified is a lack of commitment: a lack of commitment to academia, community and even life. A cancer which is eating away my soul. In my opinion, which people usually describe as deep as well as pessimistic, the life as we all know and lead is a waste and an insult to humanity. People aspire to acquire degrees and work tirelessly because of some meagre salaries they would earn doing jobs they would never be fulfilled doing and other things which sum up the programmed, lifeless lives that we are all bound to live one day- and yet everyone is oblivious to it. To me, we humans are a race who believes we are at the peak of universal intelligence so much that, the need for a God is itself a weakness. Ironically, every fibre of our being and figment of our imagination is a subtle and in most cases a glaring sign of weakness. To be perfectly honest, I cannot conceive of a remedy to this weakness and I doubt if anyone has the key to its solution. However, some strengths of mine would be open- mindedness and tolerance. People have their opinions, a few very absurd and others brilliant. As a member of the Ashesi community, I am literally inundated with opinions from other students. Although some of those opinions do not resonate at all with me, my spirit of tolerance has enabled me to live cordially with other students and even have some of those members as friends. Being open-minded has also made me learn some new things...
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