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1.What are the attributes of having an unique culture Vs. a common culture?

Organizational culture can be understood as a set of values and basic assumptions, developed collectively and that guide organizational behavior. Directs the way to perceive, think and feel the reality within the organization, as it serves as a model for dealing with the problems of adaptation and interaction.

Organizational culture can be understood through: Observable artifacts (manifestations of an organization’s culture that employees can easily see or talk), Espoused values (Beliefs, philosophies and norms that the company explicitly states) and Basic underlying assumptions (taken-for-granted beliefs and philosophies).

In creating a company the role of founders is key. It is the initial source of organizational culture. They are transfer their values and their overall vision for the company. For that reason, they hire who thinks and feels with them, indoctrinate and socialize employees according to their thinking, and their behavior acts as a model of identification for employees. When the company is successful, the personality of the founders, or their CEO’s, becomes part of the organizational culture. (eg. Ben and Jerry).

In a strong culture, or distinctive culture, values are shared most intensively by employees and influence behaviors and expectations. Employees look the company as an extension of themselves, are satisfied with what they can do within the company and cooperate actively with each other. The individual goals are aligned with company goals and try to get the most out of their work together. Almost all make a commitment Organization. However, a strong culture can bring disadvantages to the organization: -more difficult to adapt to changes in the external environment; -more difficult to attract and retain new employees who do not identify with the culture internal, limiting organizational diversity. This fact important to the organization, as it enables new forms of problem solving. And, even if we can hire people with different profile of the organization, they may find it difficult to adjust to it, according to internal pressures for conformity. -Another difficulty is related to mergers and acquisitions. Currently as or more important than financial issues, or synergies of products and services, the issue is related to the cultural compatibility, due to failure of mergers when there is conflict between cultures.

For the organization to grow and be successful, it is important to acquire the flexibility to act in competitive external environment. And this can only be achieved by changing the culture of the organization. If the differences are integrated around a unique commitment, the company is always ready to handle the changes that are necessary. Only achieved this with a strong organizational culture, where people have values and principles of the company disseminated clearly, where all are proud to be part of an organization transparent and focused on success. Only by integrating all can make change the culture of an organization.

2.Remember the 3 leadership ERA’s identified in Ben&Jerry’s. What do you think of each types of power that where applied? Are they good or bad? Please express your opinion.

Leadership is the use of power and influence to direct the activities of followers toward goal achievement. The key is to know how leaders get the power and influence needed to direct others and how they use it in an effective way. Power is the ability to influence the behavior of others and resist unwanted influence in return.

It’s really important how you as a leader use your power, but more important that is what you really do when the external environment changes to impact with internal environment. Effective leaders truly comprehend clearly what their actions and words impact on others. We all have more or less ability to influence others, that we will develop throughout our lives, but...
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