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Leading Christian Organisations.

From Transformational Leadership
Invisible Leadership
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1- What is Leadership4

2- Assumptions about leaders and Leadership Styles6

3- Background of Transformational leadership 7

4- Transformation in Church History12
5- Leadership theories and the distinction between leadership And management17
6- Leadership styles24
7- Leadership challenges in Ministry within the context of culture And ministry setting27
8- Leadership Challenge (Transformational)32
9- Invisible Leadership35

This paper seeks to investigate the role played by leadership as a driving force behind organizations, with special focus on the church. Much attention will be given to Transformational leadership within the context of culture and ministry setting. To date, Biblical leadership approach has been diluted with contemporal leadership worldview at the expense of biblical truths. A serious investigation on the diverging points of the two leadership theories will be compared and examined, in pursuance of biblical transformational leadership. A distinction between leadership and management will also be defined within the context of the subject under discussion. Leadership formation and practice in transformational leadership in view of mono-culture, cross culture, multicultural and global ministries will also be covered in this paper. The paper will critically evaluate the advantages of various leadership styles with special focus on church leadership within the context of globalization. From the Bible, we see different leadership styles as way back as from Moses in the book of Genesis and other characters in the Old Testament. Jesus in the New Testament also introduced another type of leadership style (Servant Leadership). The beginning of church history in the 1st Century to date, we see other leadership styles come into play in the overall management of the church. Every dispensation called for new leadership approaches. Leadership theory and research provide insight into understanding the nature of leadership. However its (leadership) extensiveness and complexity also serve to confuse. For example, do we best understand leadership by focusing on the person of the leader, his traits and characteristics? Do we attempt to describe the leader’s behavior? Leadership style? Should we look at the position, its role and function, its level of power within the organization? Should we also include the human environment in which the leader operates the nature of the task he directs, the resulting interaction between the leader and the situational factors that surround him? The time line of church history shows that most of the leadership developed was as a result of interaction between leaders and the situational factors which surrounded them. The twelve periods below had different leadership styles will attest to this fact; (a) Era of the Gospel 4B.C-33 A...D (b) Era of the New Testament 33-100 A.D. This era covered the Early Apostolic 33-70 and the Late Apostolic 70-100 A.D. (c) Era of the Universal “Catholic” Church 100-312 A.D (d) Era of the “Christian” Roman Empire 312-590 A.D (e) Era of the Medieval Church 590-800 A.D. (f) Era of the Holy Roman Empire 800-1054 A.D (g) Era of the Crusades 1054-1305 A.D (h) Era of the Renaissance and Rise of Nation-State A.D (i) Era of the Reformation 1517-1648 A.D (k) Era of Modern Ideologies, Secularism and Humanism 1914-to present. (j) Era of Liberalism, Progress and Missions 1789-1914 A.D. In all the above mentioned ages, transformational leadership played a big role in the life and development of the church at large. We therefore can best end this introduction by saying that over the past ages, leadership by...
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