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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Building a stronger team can take strategic process in which the leader must know how to assemble best people. Van Vugt 2008 believes that to be a great leader, powerful team must be build. A good leader will want to create a team that is an extension their beliefs, goals, or principles. Everyone on the team should play a role in helping the group succeed. If they don't, they shouldn't be a part of the group, though each person will have a specific task to perform, all of them should work together to achieve a desired result. The goal should be the ultimate driving factor behind the group, while the task of each member should be a method for achieving it. The ultimate goal of a team should always be separate from its development. A great leader will need to understand the type of team they want to build. Only then can they begin building it. The first thing a leader will want to have is well defined expectations. These expectations should be understood by every member of the team. In addition to this, a leader will want to do everything necessary to make sure the members of their team are given all the necessary tools to succeed. The next thing that leaders will want to look at is the context. Every member on the team should understand why the team was formed and should know what strategies will be used to achieve certain goals. It is also important for all the team members to be committed to the tasks they perform. Any member who does not want to be a part of the team should not be there. If they are not happy with what they are doing, they may slow down the team and cause problems for the leader or other members. Each member should feel valued, and they should also be rewarded for their hard work. A great leader will want his team to enhance their skills. Everyone should learn new skills and abilities on a consistent basis. This is called team investing. According to Van Vugt 2008" the best way to invest in a team is by...
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