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1 Assess the main features of managerial work and explain/outline the main roles and activities of managers within Scotia Airways. Managerial work:
* The business agenda: defining plans & budgets; setting timetables; taking action; allocation resources, whether people, machines, materials * People development: organising the workforce; developing structure & allocating the right people to tasks; developing procedures and policies * Doing: taking control; directing; solving problems; monitoring actual results vs. plans; taking corrective action * Results: brings order to the organisation; consistent and predicable outcomes. Managerial activities

* Forecasting-predicting future events
* Planning-setting out a course of action to meet anticipated deman * Organising-mobilising materials,resources,people and allocating them to departments and people * Commanding –directing staff to undertake tasks.

* Coordinating-ensuring that people,resources,equipment are all working together. * Controlling-monitoring progress,ensuring alignment with plans,taking corrective action. In Scotia Airways
Role| Description| Examples of identifiable activities|
Leader| Responsible for the motivation and activation of subordinates, responsible for staffing, training, and associated duties| Performing virtually all activities that involve subordinates| Disseminator| Transmits information received from outsiders or from subordinates to members of the organization | Holding informational meetings making phone calls to relay information|

All staff menbers,whether mangers or not,should be regularly appraised.For managers such appraisal should include not only technical ability and skills but also managerial and interpersonal skills.This assists in building effectiveness by identifying if individual menbers of staff have stuck to their own goals which when grouped go towards meeting the goals of the organisation. It often helps an individual to understand where the goals set for him/her link into the ‘bigger picture’of the goals of the organisation as a whole. If you can see the destination then it is often easier for the individual to map out the best route in order to get there. Measuring Managrial Performance:

* Productivity levels/efficiency
* Motivation and morale of staff
* Success of their training and development
* level of staff turnover
* Absenteeism
* Budget performancewqhit khti3qop
I choose two mechanisms that could be uesd to measure mangerial performance are Motivation and morale of staff and Success of their training and development. Motivation and morale of staff
The airline currently covers eight destinations across Europe, including Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Rome, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Copenhagen as well as domestic flights to Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and four London airports. The airline has a fleet of five aircraft which the management team feel enables the business to be responsive to the demands and challenges of the market. Future opportunities seem likely as the EU and UK government relax their control over the licensing of airline provision. Success of their training and development

The management team within Scotia have worked meticulously in planning and evaluating their services to ensure that customer focus is the primary driver of business success. The satisfaction of the interests of the stakeholders involved in Scotia Airways has been of paramount importance to Rosa, and at times when difficult decisions have had to be taken, she has always been a strong and decisive manager. Q3

Behavioral Theories
* knowing what effective leaders do would provide the basis for training leaders * University of Iowa Studies - Kurt Lewin
* explored three leadership styles
* autocratic - leader dictated work methods * democratic -...
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