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Vietnam is a developing country. It cannot compare about innovation with other countries in the world. Television was developed in Vietnam many years ago. With the development of television, brands use television as a method to advertise their brands or their products. Advertising on television is one of the most effective methods to attract customer’s attention, especially children. Children play an important role in television advertising. They have great product consumption through influence parents’ buying decision. In addition, they are also potential customers in the future. Normally, children are attracted by colorful image. However, children are the age easily affected by their around environment. Nowadays, most of parents are busy with work at the office. They do not have time to spend with their children. As a result, after getting back from school, television is one of children friend. In my research, I would like to talk about how advertise television affects children, especially young children. Firstly, I will talk about how they understand of Advertising: Effects of age, gender and Parental Influence. Understanding about advertise is very important. Children are allowed to use cognitive defenses, such as producing counter arguments (rucks, Armstrong, and Goldberg 1988). Secondly, I will continue with Vietnamese perspective about effects of television advertising on children.

I. Introduction:
Every day we can see a lot of ways to advertise to persuade us buying products. There are a lot of advertising methods to communicate with customers such as television, newspapers or even online advertising. A successful advertising is to manipulate customers’ decision and impression (Giles 2003). According to Kotler and Armstrong (2001), other tools to manipulate customers are sales promotion, public relations and sales promotion. Each tool has its specific ways to persuade customer. For example, when economy is going down, sales promotion is a good way to attract customers. Customers will pay attention to brands have a lot of discount. If it is their brands, it will be much better. Another illustration is to persuade customers to buy a television; a face to face communication is the best way to persuade customers to buy products. Understanding how the communication process is very important for marketers to reach the target market and communicate effectively (Kotler and Armstrong 2001).

Table 1: Communication process (Kotler and Armstrong)
The basic process is the sender which is the company that wants to persuade their target customers by sending out a message. Somehow, the noise will disturb this communication process. However, receivers will receive the messages, analyze all information they get. Then they will feedback by purchasing the products or ignoring these messages. This communication process includes through television advertising, online advertise, telephone calling. According to Kotler and Armstrong, an effective message is when the information the senders send to the receivers are caught each other. An information can include numbers or words depends on the sender’s experience and the knowledge of receiver will show advertises’ effectiveness by giving feedback. Advertising is one of marketing method that can be implemented in this communication process. Advertising field is on the way to decrease its influence and possible bad influence on the product they are advertising. They describe one side (it somehow bad side) in their advertising and hope that this side will not only attract potential customers but also do not cause a big effect on them (Adler et al, 2004). Children are their big attraction of marketers or market research. Television advertising causes a big effect on most of people, but children will be more affected compared with other group’s age. Children normally believe in what they see in the television. A child below five-year-age would like to listen to a repeat story. This...
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